Boiler assistance Palermo

SI.CE.AS. never leaves you alone. We are at your disposal for any need twenty-four hours a day.

Maximum functionality

We offer assistance on air conditioning and heating systems to guarantee maximum functionality of the products we supply.

Verification of operation

Our experts perform the installation of the systems and immediately after they verify the functioning proceeding with the test.

Plant warranty

The company provides a two-year classic warranty that can be extended over a longer period of five or ten years.


Customer care

For any eventuality you can contact our staff who will respond promptly to offer you all the necessary assistance.


Availability 24 hours a day

The staff performs boiler assistance in Palermo for annual maintenance including the availability clause 24 hours a day.

Assistenza caldaie Palermo
Assistance on malfunctioning systems
We provide technical assistance regarding the repair of malfunctioning heating systems.
Sostituzione parti
Replacement of damaged parts
The assistance also includes the replacement of faulty parts of the systems which is performed with precision and punctuality.
Agevolazioni caldaie
Tax concessions
Our secretarial staff also helps with tax concessions dealing with bureaucratic procedures.
Sistemi di riscaldamento

Water treatment

Among the services that the company provides there is also the treatment of water with the aim of softening it and making it less harsh. We also supply water refiners and take care of their maintenance.

We offer, moreover, assistance on pellet stoves and boilers.

Trattamento acque

Tailored financing to customers’ needs

For the purchase and installation of our systems you can take advantage of tailored financing to your needs. All installation, testing, maintenance and assistance interventions are aimed at both private individuals and public bodies.