Air conditioning installation Palermo

The company carries out the installation of air conditioning systems of all kinds.


Heating systems

The staff is available for the installation of air conditioners, gas or pellet boilers and solar thermal systems in Palermo.


Thermal plants

In our premises it is also possible to buy heating systems such as photovoltaic panels, boilers and air conditioners.

Testing and maintenance

Our staff, after installation, performs the test and offers annual maintenance of the heating systems.


Professional installations

Thanks to the use of technologically advanced instruments we are able to realize professional and high-quality installations.


Quick installation

The installation is carried out quickly and by qualified personnel who will check that the system is fully functional.
Installazione climatizzatori Palermo
Long-lasting results
The equipment used is modern and avant-garde. Therefore, it is able to guarantee good performance and long-lasting result.
Assistenza caldaie
Periodic checks
Our staff periodically check the efficiency of your heating systems to make sure they are always efficient.
Riparazioni caldaie
Quick repairs
In the event that a fault is detected or a system is malfunctioning, our technicians will make a timely repair.
Assistenza condizionatori

Efficient installations

The installation of the systems will allow you to have heating and air conditioning systems that are always efficient and highly performing. The staff is available to maintain the facilities on a regular basis and for periodic checks.

The date of the intervention is chosen in agreement with the customer based on his availability.
Sistemi di riscaldamento

Safe heating systems

One of our technicians will come directly to your home to maintain the boiler, air conditioners and solar panels. Personnel interventions make it possible to verify that the system works and is safe.