With our services never again without hot water and heating

Thermal plants Palermo SI.CE.AS.


Our services

The company deals with the installation and maintenance of heating systems in Palermo, such as boilers, air conditioners and solar thermal systems and their installation.


For boilers we rely on well-known brands and excellent price performance such as Ariston, Sime, Sylber, Atag, Fondital, Argo Clima, Biasi, Innovita, Paradigma and Italtherm.

Air conditioners

You will find air conditioners of the best brands on the market, such as Ariston, Panasonic, General Fujitsu, Argo Clima, Diloc, Sekom, Olimpia and Splendid.

Solar panels

We have solar thermal systems of the brands Sylber, Ariston, Sime, Cordivari, Paradigma which will allow you to use energy produced from natural sources.

Water treatment

The team also deals with water treatment by providing water softening. We also supply water refiners and provide for their maintenance.

Our work activities for companies

We carry out free inspections in large corporate buildings. We are also specialized in energy redevelopment and energy saving.

Our work activities for individuals

In homes and private facilities we install and maintain boilers, air conditioning systems and solar panels.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance continues even after installation of the system. In fact, we proceed with the testing and provide the maintenance of air conditioning systems. The classic warranty provided by law offers product insurance for two years. If the customer prefers, he can opt for the extended warranty for a period of five or ten years. We also make customized contracts for annual maintenance including the availability clause 24 hours a day.

We carry out repairs of any kind and interventions on all faults. We offer customer assistance on state incentives and give the opportunity to purchase our products through personalized financing. We also provide assistance on stoves and pellet boilers. The products we offer are: condensing boilers, energy efficient heat pumps, inverter air conditioners, natural circulation and forced circulation solar panels.
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